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Tara speaks about Neurodiversity, Workplace neurodiversity consultant

Tara Langan

Founder, CAREER TLC 

About the Founder

Tara Langan has spent over 15 years in Human Resources as a strategic partner to leadership in municipal, provincial and private sectors. She carries specific expertise in leadership coaching and development, strategic talent acquisition, talent management and helping workplaces build cultures of neuroinclusion.


Throughout all of her experience on belief has stayed consistent: It is the people that help us achieve our business outcomes.  As such, she believes people need to be nurtured, taken care of and engaged in the right ways in order to be effective.  While often forgotten, that includes leadership too.

CAREER TLC has been founded to support both professionals and organizations navigating the modern day workplace.

She is a results driven Consultant who sees the world through a neurodivergent lens and looks forward to partnering with you.

Why work with Tara?

Fun and mindful of your time.

Facilitates tangible learning and is thought provoking.

She is up on her PD game.

She teams up with Leaders and creates an environment where it is OK not to know it all.

Impactful learning can come in the form of bite size micro learning.  Career TLC builds learning that can be instantly applied to the workplace and meets every organization where they are at. 

Accredited Facilitator in two assessments: Strength Deployment Inventory and Strengthscope.

Significant experience facilitating corporate training related to:

Leadership development, Diversity & Inclusion, Leaders as Coach clinics, Recruitment and Selection.

Neurodiversity in the workplace certification U of BC

GBA+ certified. Ongoing professional development as it relates to understanding Neurodiversity.  Community builder on multiple advisory boards.

Achieved Mastery in Coaching through Essential Impact with continued practice hours towards further accreditation with the International Coaching Federation. 

I am a thought partner to Leaders / HR professionals / Professionals navigating the modern day workplace. 

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